Monday, March 21, 2011

new shoesies...

i'm in love.
end of subject.

i want to wear them everyday
a habit that i kicked in gear today at work
(i can't wait until the snow melts so i don't have to change shoes from home to work
and i can look semi cute when i run errands after work)

today, i woke up thinking that i wanted to punch monday in the face
you won't get me down today evil monday!
these shoes helped me do that
and also news of a date night with jana and ashley on friday night
i'd say this week has started off on the right foot (pun intended)

grey cardi: suzy shier, pink ruche tank: ruche, black ruched pencil skirt: eclipse
shoes: le chateau

xo, melissa


jana said...

super cute!! now you need some new outfits for your new shoes!!!

melissa said...

you are such an enabler j beans!

jana said...

if only i could get paid to be an enabler... i'd be rich.