Sunday, March 20, 2011

weekend recap...and how i dislike sundays

for some reason, i dislike sunday's...
if it has been a good weekend, i dislike that sunday signifies that the fun is over.
if it has been a sucky weekend, on sunday reflects that the weekend was full of blah, blah, and more blah.
this weekend was nothing to brag about, but a little busy, and i got to spend some time with my main squeeze saturday night sans kiddo.
friday i spent the evening parked on the couch.
watched alice in wonderland (good)
and hit the sack at 9:49 pm.
this mama was tired, and even though it was the weekend, i still had to get up early saturday morning.
side note: avery is usually a late(r) sleeper, but lately he has been waking at 7 am instead of 9 am. even though he has a dark curtain in his room, the sun still comes streaming through. half tempted to line his window with tinfoil so i can sleep in next weekend.
back to reality...that was my friday night. saturday was busy, we were up at 7:30 am to get ready and out of the house for 8:30 am because we had an appointment in bathurst at 10 and another at 11. we spent the rest of saturday running errands in bathurst and made it back home at 4:30 pm
mom and ella made the trip home with us. mom had agreed to watch both grand kids, even though she had to work on sunday.

that meant jamie and i got to escape to artisan brew pub for some drinks, laughs and really yummy kettle cooked chips.

today, it was my turn to wrangle two kiddos.
which pretty much gave me an insight of what my life with two children would be filled with
noise, mess and a lot of puke and poop.
oh yea.

this evening i am picking up the remnants of the day, doing laundry, and kicking back with the latest issue of lou lou.

bonne soir mes amis!!
xo, melissa


jana said...

i'm jealous, you're my artisan date!
looking HAWT!

my word verification: mitio... which makes me think of the french weathernetwork and how they pronounce meteo.

melissa said...

ok misses 'standing me up for our artisan date!'

ps. thanks for saying i look hawt, i think that is a terrible picture of me!!!

jana said...

i'm not standing you up!!! i have a previous engagement that i was trying to reschedule!! sheesh!!