Tuesday, March 15, 2011

how not to take pictures....and one tired mama

self-portrait in the bathroom mirror
pic by jamie with a horrid window reflection in my glasses

is the time change kicking anyone else's butt besides mine??
i'm totally wiped.
it's not like this whole 'lose an hour of sleep' thing is new to me, i've only done it like, what, 30 times? but somehow this time around has thrown me for a loop.
i'd blame it on mamahood, but i don't remember it being this bad last year.
i was finally feeling into the groove of being a working mama, but the past two days just make me feel like life is droning on on repeat.
wake up way too early. get ready. get avery ready. go to daycare. go to work. 8 hrs of work. go to daycare. come home. cook supper. clean kitchen. put avery in the tub. wash high chair. clean poop out of tub. disinfect tub. wash bathroom. organize avery's room. change crib sheets. discard bubba containing curdled milk. mop floors. put baby to bed. get baby more milk. take crying baby out of crib. rock baby while he pinches my chest. put baby back to bed. fold laundry. turn on dryer. run on threadmill. empty dishwasher. fill dishwasher. run dishwasher. wash counters. write blog...and soon bed.
i'm tired.

xo, melissa


jana said...

love the top/brown belt combo!!

rebecca said...

suuuch a cute dress. you look great! and not tired at all!


Sandy a la Mode said...

love your dress!! and yup! time is totally kicking me butt, it does it every night! :(