Monday, March 14, 2011

what's happening....

monday's used to be my favorite day of week (weekends don't count).
most people hated monday's, but i liked them because it meant that i could do payroll, which at work is code for: if you want to get paid, leave me alone
now it's more like...i know you're doing payroll, but.....
i don't mind helping people out...but sooner or later after five minutes here and there, it's seven minutes before the end of my day and i still have payroll to transfer, plus type of six handwritten pages in french, which i neither speak, nor write.
guess who stayed an hour late today?
to help with a blah monday, i wasted, errrr cherished some time online to look at pretty things that i wish were in my possession right now (minus the purse, which i already own and love)

bangles: lulu's
dress: ruche
purse: ruche
platform t straps: aldo shoes
headband: bando
belt: ruche
pretty swimsuit: undrest
instanx camera: urban
polaroid frames: urban
pretty swim suit #2: urban

what's on your spring love/want list?

xo, melissa

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