Monday, March 28, 2011

shake that booty!!

hello friends!
how was your weekend?
mine was awesome, with awesome sauce on top...
well, friday was anyways, because friday was date night!
girlie date night...
jana, ashley and i met up for supper, drinks and dancing
and laughing...
we laughed A LOT...i guess that is one of the best parts about date night with the girls.
you laugh more in a few hours than you do all through the week.
especially when you had a freaky waiter, and terrible drinks...and shirts that look like female body parts.
add in some intoxicated randoms and almost falling down the steps and you got yourself a hoot fest
but the grub was good, the company awesome and impressive vintage washrooms at this whole in the wall bar that we went to.
i regret taking more pictures....but it was definitely work the five hour of sleep that i got that night
can't wait to do it again!

jana and i

j beans and ashley

xo, melissa


jana said...

only my drink was bad. i'd still like to know what the effers was in that "caesar"...
good times though!

Heidi said...

wow I haven't had a girls night in a LONG time...too long. Looks like fun :)