Tuesday, March 29, 2011

mamaSTYLE on the cheap...

dude, kids are pricey (big shocker).
between daycare (big chunk right there), clothes, diapers, food, etc etc money flies faster out of my bank account that it would after a good shopping spree.
it's a hard adjustment, especially with my love of shopping.
i'm (trying) to tone my spending down a bit...especially when i got news today that my tax return isn't so much of a return but a balance owing to the government (ouch!!!)
i am due to get my hair dyed again...oh, hello grey hair...so nice to see you....
but instead of going to the salon, i'm trying out some drug store hair color.
it could end up terrible, but since i'm not doing anything major, lets hope it turns out okay.
so far, i'm lovin' this brand, the application was a breeze.
i'll post and update tomorrow (since it's currently cooking on my head)

another discount buy is this lipstick
i've never bought lipstick before, so that's not really a super saver...but it was only 9$ and so far i'm loving it!
it's by rimmell and in a lovely nude shade

and that's all i have for today...

xo, melissa


jana said...

i'm so proud of you!!
next: getting your hair done at my stylist :D

word verification: nosasoc

melissa said...

stylist hair is not in my budget!

Ashley said...

Good for you! :) Also, I love Rimmel. You should also check out NYX for great drugstore makeup.