Wednesday, March 30, 2011

hello wednesday...

i like wednesdays...
i like climbing over that hump on the way to the weekend...
even though i don't have any plans (yet)
but tomorrow is trivia night at the pub, and jana and i are going there for date night
the theme is 90's, which i thought i knew a lot about, but who am i kiddin', all i did in the 90's was try (and succeed) to make out with boys.
we'll see how it plays out.
jana thinks studying is therefore cheating so we are going in with no preparation.
clearly, i've put too much thought into a fun-filled trivia night.
i finally wore an outfit worthwhile of posting this week, so here you go guys!
it's nothing fantastic...but i'm trying to grow!

top & skirt: suzy shier, booties: ruche

have a good one,


jana said...

cute outfit!!
and i love that necklace!! :)

Sarah said...

Loves Suzy Shier! And I reallllly love that necklace! ♥

my soul is the sky said...

i absolutely love this necklace!

Andrea said...

Gorgeous outfit! haha maybe they'll have a lot of make-out questions? jk, rock it girl! Have a great rest of your week

Mariel Torres said...

what a gorgeous necklace!

Bon Bon said...

Great outfit! Those boots are fabulous:-) xoxo