Friday, April 01, 2011

awkward & awesome - minus thursday

so, i kind of missed posting on thursday
so we'll just call this posting awkward and awesome minus thursday
-having no hubby around to these shots and not being smart enough to dig out my tripod gives you pics in a dirty mirror. enjoy
-moments at work when i understand what a person is telling me, but they think i don't understand, so they re-explain...and then my brain melts
-slipping in the snow
-wearing a white coat to pick up avery from daycare and realizing it would be rather difficult to pick up a dirty child with a white coat on. note to self- avery needs a rain suit and no more white coat at daycare
-going to bed at midnight on a work night
-getting my taxes done and having to pay in to the gov.

(lets face it, the week was sort of crummy, not much for the awesome side)
-my outfit last night at trivia that i didn't take a picture of (i'll post a trivia update later)
-not having a meltdown when avery got his first hair cut
-weekends. period.
-getting back in the mind set that i should be eating healthier

top: suzy shier, belt: aldo, skirt: eclipse, necklace: ruche


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Such an adorable look! I'm loving the booties, belt, and necklace -SO lovely! And a definite cheers to the weekend. ;-) xx veronika