Sunday, April 03, 2011

weekend round up...

hi friends! i hope you all had a much more fantastic weekend than i had, but heres an update nonetheless on what we did this weekend.
it's a balmy plus 8 out today, quite a contrast to the snow storm that we had friday night which subsequently left me storm stuck at my parents place.
i clearly didn't plan my friday out too well...although it was not too bad, i had a great sleep and we got to do some visiting with the gramcrackers on saturday.
basically it was a quiet weekend all around, visiting, cleaning, groceries.....
i guess the most action i have seen was on thursday night for our weekly girls night date...jana and i went to artisan brew pub to partake in some nineties trivia.
although we didn't take home the prize, we killed it in the 90's music sound clips division!!
go us!!

bow coat & booties: ruche; jeggings:suzy shier

it was nice enough for a few outdoor shots before we went for groceries.

have a great rest of your sunday everyone!



Ashley said...

Well you looked fantastic! I always loved that coat on the website - looks good on you. :)

Heidi said...

oo the bow coat is soo pretty!! :) I'll take +8 over -18 any day!!