Monday, April 04, 2011


hi friends.
don't you ever wish you had time to kick back like this?
without a care or responsibility in the world?
except in avery's case he is plenty responsible for lovin' his mama...
i keep reflecting on time.
i keep wishing i had more, i wish that i was better organized or prioritized.
wishing that i could sleep in, yet wake up early to be productive.
wishing i could spring clean the house, or spend the entire day playing with avery.
or had a free night/day every weekend to have a mini date with jamie.
it's always about time. and i don't like how it's consuming my thoughts lately.
i need to learn how to just not care about time.
to do what i want, or what i can and just be happy with that
so what if my butt doesn't hit a solid surface from 4-10 pm...
sometimes my thoughts are separated from before i became a mama, and after...
i long for my before time...when i had hours on end to do nothing...
but would i trade it in?
he's so worth me being a busy, working mama.
i need to tell myself that more often.


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