Tuesday, April 05, 2011

store credit...

i love those two words!!
not as good as 'free money' or 'free clothes', but i'll take it!
even though i have technically spent that money, it still feels like free money.
i had previously made a 4-item order from ruche, but unfortunately 3 of them didn't fit or wasn't what i was hoping. i sent them back and finally received my store credit.
which means...shopping time!
note for the future: shopping is hard when your best friend is too sick to look at your endless online links and give opinions.
feel better soon j j!
after much deliberation i have finally made my order

now, everyone join me in stalking the mail box!

have a great evening,



jana said...

thats an awesome order!! they'll look great with your new platforms!!! :)

ps... i apologize for being too sick to help :(

Erika said...

Fantastic post! I love your blog!

kate maggie said...

Hehe, store credit are two of my favorite words aswell! You are too cute. I cant wait to see everything on you! Such great choices. Love that dress. Hope you have a wonderful night lady. xo

Pretty Things said...

awesome choices, i love store credit, but for some reason I always feel i have to by somethign extra speacial with it :)



St├ęphanie said...

I adore everything !

Holden said...

I think those would look totally fantastic with a pair of chunky brown platforms or mary janes :)

Holden @ SUGARbijoux


such gorgeous things absolutely in love with the first pair of darling socks & that gorgeous skinny belt -such a FAB colour. xx veronika