Thursday, April 07, 2011

awkward and well, just awkward

have i mentioned that i hate that i can't get decent outfit pictures?
will someone please come and train jamie to be a semi-decent photographer?
or at least remind me that i own a tripod????
my awkward and awesome thursday post comes just with some awkward pictures of my outfit today....



jana said...

i like your pics!! lookin smokin!!!
and i love your son. please give him fish kisses from me.

Andrea said...

Gorgeous outfit! Love the necklace -and the special appearance from your little one:)


Piril Maria said...

The baby is so cute. =) And you look great.

♥ Love,

Ruby Girl said...

you have a super cute blog, here darlin. i reallly like your necklace in this one! ((ps-found you through the daybook)) <3