Thursday, April 28, 2011

awkward and awesome: mamaSTYLE

 this outfit is awesome:
the end of my awesomeness.
my pant-less baby is also awesome.  except when he is cranky and crying (awkward)
-also awesome....
-i ordered an ipad! YAY!!! episodes of mad men are about to get that much more AWESOME.
-the fact that my nails are growing (albeit slowly)
-a potential getaway next weekend with the friday hubby (for two whole nights)
-the fact that tomorrow is
-clearly i need more awesome in my life

-the snowstorm we had yesterday
-the fact that my tooth i had straightened out with braces now all of a sudden appears worse than before (sad face)
-the crying FIT avery had when leaving day care today
-and the fact that he can now reach the 'junk' drawer and i just caught him sucking on a battery
-the fact that it's the end of april and i have a fire roaring
-the fact that i just watched wizards of waverly place
-and i was too lazy after work to get an outfit shot, so you'll have to settle for some pj's (and an unmade bed)



jana said...

upset: no outfit post. le boo.
funny: that the word friday is probably what you were typing when your pics uploaded, because its not in the right place... and where it is, makes me laugh. hehehe



Ashley said...

That outfit is definitely awesome!! Looks great on you (also? I can't believe you got snow!)