Saturday, April 30, 2011

market days....

the market opened for the season last weekend, but jana couldn't attend so we had our traditional market date today!
our community is pretty lack in activities so it was nice to get out and about today.
it was also exciting because the crepe spot was open again this season so we got to enjoy some yummy crepes.
 my crepe: the zen: banana, kiwi, granola and vanilla yogurt....yummy indeed!
 avery being charmed by god momma j!
 jana and her crepe: warm apple caramel

 pretty j getting posy

 me squinting in the sun
 funny story: i didn't want to wear this dress today because you know what happens when you wear a flouncy dress and it's windy...well, it didn't seem THAT windy until i was already out and about.  managed to make it through most of our date without much embarassment until right before jana took this photo.  i was standing there ready for my pic...but the wind had other ideas and sent my skirt flying high to the sky!!!!!  which wouldn't have been so bad HAD I NOTICED!!! but no, jana had to say 'um, melissa, put your dress down'.  
I totally flashed her my goods.  thank god for panties.....but still.  
i hang my head in shame.
 jana in front of the market.
notice she isn't showing off any of her lady bits.
smart girl
following my embarrassment was jana's accomplishment!!
she figured out how to fold up avery's stroller with TWO purses in her hands!
smart cookie.

fun way to spend the a saturday morning!



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veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

looks like you had a great saturday! that crepe looks delicious.