Monday, April 18, 2011

back in the swing of things...

the bad thing about these daily style pics is that you can think you look cute all day, then take one look at these pictures and realize you suddenly have hips.for.days.
i used to love mondays, truly i did.
now, i'd like to punch monday's right in the face.
especially this monday because it meant LOTS of catching up at work (down fall of taking 1.5 days off last week) a lot of other annoyances.
i haven't been running since last thursday and that has been bugging me all day.
i feel sluggish and slow and just blah.
i need some endorphins.
like yesterday.

side note: thinking i should sign up for a 6k in june...but should i sign up for a 10k instead for some super motivation??

on tap for the rest of the evening? 
cuddles with my boys
more episodes of mad men (started season one last night)




jana said...

super cute!! love the shoes!! :)

jana said...

ps, i love the last pic. super adorable. do that pose ALL. THE. TIME. haha

and i also hate that i cant comment on your "today i love" photos! :(