Tuesday, April 19, 2011

cute as a button...

 it's sunny out today but windy...still too chilly for me to grab some outdoor pics...plus i'm sure that my tripod would have fallen over!

i'm *in love* with my cute as a button coat from ruche
it's not really baby friendly considering avery kicked me in the stomach while i was putting him in his car seat today, leaving a nice little brown foot print.
fashion over sensibility i guess!
  i really look like i am about to start one awkward dance move in this picture huh?
dress: ruche, shoes: spring, belt: dynamite
 i find my dress really looks like a romper in this picture....and now i really want to buy a romper....something else to add to my ever growing list.
my tripod didn't fall this time, but i grew a little (check out my shoes)
i can't wait to get a chance to wear these puppies!!
they are definitely not work shoes....soon!

ps, you guys, this weekend i might have two, count 'em TWO date nights with my hubby.
and i am beyond excited.
we really need it.

and that's my main excitement for today.
right now i have to run because i have a sixteen month old who is very desperately trying to tear my keyboard in rags.



jana said...

it does look like a romper in that pic! i thought the same thing!!
i'm totally wearing this dress for my date weekend. loves it.

Ashley said...

You are so adorable! I am jealous that you have bow belt in both colors.
Love all of your awesome finds. Three new pairs of rocking shoes to boot!