Tuesday, May 31, 2011

for the love of new things...

 dress: ruche, belt: dynamite, shoes: aldo

first off, i guess i should really take more care into actually fixing my clothes before i start taking pictures of them.  what is up with the sleeves on my dress? i look like i have a one way ticket to the NFL...not a good look.  this is an 'old' as in 2010 dress from ruche.  i love it and definitely don't wear it as often as i should.  it is a tiny bit short for work, especially since i blew off a button (and we all know how bad i am at replacing those) so when i walk it goes shorter than usual.  i was pretty good at walking around work today with paper in front of me so no one could get a good look at something in which they shouldn't be looking at!! well isn't that something i should have saved for awkward and awesome thursday...
anyhow, on to fresh new things...i know i purchased a dress yesterday from ruche, but that doesn't stop me from drooling over their new arrivals they put up today. i'm not sure how long i will be able to refrain from ordering this dress...
tell tale rose print dress
there are some other lovelies i have my eye on as well....
writing poetry for you dress
london fields chain bracelet
watermelon sundae pink bow

seriously....could i love this store any less?

not in a million years!!



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jana said...

first: i'm sorry i just sent you a hatemail fb message for not posting today. apparently my blog is acting up and not showing my bloglist by recent posts.

second: that dress is much more 'dress' and much less 'shirt' on you than it is on me. jealous. and you look fab in it. and i almost blew a button as well... give me a few more wears, it'll happen.

third: buy those dresses. and that bow. and that bracelet. and then buy me the belle rose bracelet.