Sunday, June 05, 2011

where have i been...

for someone who rarely gets sick, i just got my ass kicked by germs.  they have definitely shown me who is boss.  it's a week today that i started to feel bad....and still going strong.  i woke up last sunday feeling like i had strep progressive got worse, but my swab from the clinic came back clean...then i started coughing, add in some sinus pressure and i was full out sick.  i went back to the clinic on thursday with a diagnosis of sinus infection and left with some meds to treat that, as well as my cough.  the sinus pressure has gotten better, but the cough has not let up one bit.  it's relentless.  it's driving me (and jamie) crazy.  i hack all day and night, forcing him to fall asleep on the couch because i can't stop coughing.  last night it was so bad that i ended up vomiting (tmi) three times.  :/ i got some new cough medicine today, so lets hope that that does the trick. 
i'll leave you with my outfit post from last wednesday and a few snaps from the weekend.

 my go-to cough meds that do nothing for me this time around
 added a few things to my messy closet courtesy of jamie yesterday (thanks babe!)
 two thumbs up for this movie!
 shoe date
 bringing avery for his daily spin around the yard
 planted new cedars out front
and a new nice to finally have grass this year!


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jana said...

what new things did you add to your closet??

looking good in the muse dress with the js platforms!! :)
you need more platforms fyi