Tuesday, May 10, 2011

hello jello...

 this above pic is for jamie and his words when i was taking it...
'why in the world would you even take that picture'
haha...he is SO confident in me!!
(at least he admits i look cute, albeit a bit goofy!)
 pink tank & white skirt...ruche!
sorry i did not post yesterday, it was kind of a wasted day
i spent four hours at the walk in clinic to get treatment for a kidney infection (boo!), which left me rushing to cram all of my work day into a few hours in the afternoon, and whining because my back was really sore.  
today i took my meds on an empty stomach...not a good idea!
good start to my morning indeed.
none of what happened taught me to relax and take it easy on my body so i came home from work, did three loads of laundry, cleaned up and mopped the floors....now my back is REALLY killing me.
i'm never one to really complain about being sick but man....i need to rest, which is where i am headed right now! i hope tomorrow is a better feeling sorta day!



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