Tuesday, May 10, 2011

jot that down...updated...

my trip to indigo on friday proved successful in the journaling department...score.
i couldn't find a moleskin journal that felt good in my hands.
journals for me have to be just write...that feel good book that makes you want to open it up and go to town.  i'm very particular about the inside pages as well, and i dislike when they have them on display whilst covered in plastic.  that's a sure no go for me.  
i have to be able to take a peek inside.
for jotting purposes i picked up this 'keep calm and carry on' journal
which is kind of my motto lately.
the 5x7 size is perfect to toss in my purse, and the yummy retro colored pages are an added plus.

for creative and destructive purposes i picked up this journal by keri smith
i'm a huge keri smith fan...back in my scrapbooker days i picked up her 'living out loud' activity book to help spark me mind during bouts of creative brain farts.
today, since i haven't scrapbooked in months, it'll be a great creative outlet. plus it's always fun to be destructive, make a mess and to feel free and fun.  

can't wait to dive right into both of these journals.
and make a lovely mess.




Ramsey said...

This sounds completely satisfying to me right now... Awesomeness.

Beth said...

Hi Melissa! I just stumbled across Jana's blog, and then I found yours as well - I had to comment, I am addicted to Mokeskines and I just found and bought the most AWESOME 11x17 Moleskine sketchbook a Omer Deserres (an art store chain here in Qc)...I already had one on the go that wasn't even 1/4 full AND it was $50 but I got it anyway!! And I am not even a good drawer or sketcher, it is just to paste in stuff I cut out of magazines that I like!!