Sunday, May 22, 2011

one of those weekends...

 dress/belt: ruche, cardi:suzy shier, shoes: aldo
this weekend was one of those where you run non-stop errands, plus lots of family visiting but when you sit down to reflect upon your busy weekend on sunday evening you feel as though you got nothing accomplished and there isn't much to say.  tomorrow is a holiday here in's not a stat holiday (meaning i have to work) but daycare is closed and jamie has the day off (lucky duck). i'll still be heading to work for a short day and then coming home at lunch since jamie has to bring his sample (tmi) to the lab to see if his vasectomy worked that he got in feb.  that's right folks, no more kiddies for this family! we are complete....avery turned seventeen months old yesterday and he is getting more and more hilarious with each passing day. today he learned how to 'wink', which really means these big, slow blinks and puts me in giggles every time.  melt my heart little man! hope everyone had a great weekend!!



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rebecca said...

What a gooorgeous dress. I love ruche. They have such cute things!