Thursday, May 26, 2011

remixing it up...

 dress: ruche, belt: dynamite, cardi: old navy, shoes: jessica simpson

as my closet is full of clothes i really hate to say that i need more, but guys i need more clothes!
particularly dresses of the floral sort.  i tend to draw more to the 3-4 patterned dresses that i have, and i feel bad wearing repeater outfits all the time...and just a few posts down i'm wearing this dress yet again. 
trying to mix it up a little today with my yellow (too big, leave over mat leave) cardi and my black, polka dot tights.  and i'm also wearing my hair up, which doesn't happen often! it's looks terrible though with all of it's fuzzy's and my skimpy, barely there bangs.

tonight the hubs and i are off for some beer and trivia...meanwhile avery is with my parents and i'm currently sitting along at home (while jamie works late).  it just feels odd to be in the house alone....i would really love to go cuddle up under the covers with my ipad but instead i will be responsible and do the dishes. then get my butt on the treadmill to pound out another 5k.
i will see you all tomorrow with pub/trivia pictures!!



1 comment:

* Taci * said...

LOVE the yellow!! I NEVER wear yellow. I don't know why...
you totally rocked it tho!