Wednesday, May 25, 2011

phrases i heard today...

 -omg i never knew you had tattoo's all over your legs
-is that mud?
-do you have a rash?
-your legs look dirty
-i was really wondering what was on your legs!!
 needless to say, even if i wouldn't have torn two gaping holes in my tights today, they would totally hit the trash.  do people seriously think i would go around with nude tattoo's or dirty legs?
please people!!!
dress/belt: ruche; tights:walmart; shoes: aldo

 yes: i painted my nails to match this dress!!



jana said...

pretty pretty!!
LOVE the dress/nails!! and i LOVE that pic of you (closeup).
too pretty!!

ps... buy another pair of those tights.

* Taci * said...

oooh people...

Hi Melissa,
I am Taci and I have 2 blogs, (I am a stylist for local photographers) and (which is my blog for my family and momma things)
I found you from Jana's beautiful blog (which I found on Ruche on FB)
I am following you now and I'd love to have fashionable momma's like u and Jana visit and give feedback on either of my blogs pleeaaase! love your style!! I just turned 30- and tho I *KNOW* it's NOT OLD, it takes me a moment when I am shopping to decide if items are/aren't too tacky/young for a mom of u kwim?