Tuesday, May 24, 2011

right now...

-avery tried to feed himself soup today, that was fun (or not)
-he made the biggest mess at supper that i almost (almost) wanted to leave him in the high chair and wait for jamie to get home to clean him up.
-note to self: no more bear claw treats for avery....they disintegrate into nothingness
-i dislike selling compost at work.  i apologize that i do not speak french, nor do i know anything about planting potatoes...i'm trying to run an office here people!
-i'm trying to go another 5/5 for running! i hit 5k both nights this week...less see if i can make it 3 more nights...
-it's trivia night on thursday! holla! trying to score myself a sitter
-and a sitter for saturday night too for a movie date night!
-disappointed in myself for not taking any outfit picture since friday...i guess i have to wear nice outfits for that to happen!
-i napped on sunday and monday...i love naps
-painted my nails coral tonight...me likey!
-trying to get rid of this head cold with lots of neo citron and fresh lemon (and snuggles)
-until tomorrow my friends!!



1 comment:

Ashley said...

Coral is such a good polish color for this time of year!

((I love naps too))