Monday, June 20, 2011

grocery getter...

 didn't i just blow your mind with this incredibly inspiring outfit? 
i did, didn't i? that's part of what i do here at mamaSTYLE...i put outfits together like nobody's bizness.  ah, indeed....or at least that's what i try and tell myself.  no, really, i know this is a sucky outfit.
but it's a monday evening, and i had to go get groceries and i really, really wanted to get out of my dress and tights that i wore to work today. i did manage to debut the cross body purse i picked up at spring shoes when i was in freddy town in april.  surprisingly, jamie likes it.  as you probably already know he kind of has a dislike for my vintagey, ruffly sorta style.  however, when he saw this he said 'you finally got a small purse! i don't care how many flowers it has (zero), as long as it's small'. is that a compliment? i guess i'll take it!! i also got a comment on it at the grocery store. then i bought some hubba bubba and let my coolness flow all.the.way.home

doesn't my arm look massive? i tried to crop it into normalcy but it didn't happen.




Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

Some days just being comfortable is the most important thing in the world:)

Amethyst said...

loves the purse super cute although i wouldn't know what to do with a small purse lol