Tuesday, June 21, 2011

the one where i'm selfishly annoyed...

 top/skirt:ruche, shoes: aldo
 i understand the point of unions.  my husband belongs to one, i get the benefits and protection that come with them, and yada yada yada, but doesn't canada post know that their strike right now is causing a serious hold up in me doing the happy dance at the mail box over new goodies??? i don't think they realize this because the strike still continues....i have three dresses on their way and i am VERY impatient here.  serious shoppers should not have to put up with this injustice am i right??

ps. i'm getting my nails done tonight!! a reward since i stopped chewing them.....i hope they turn out pretty!



1 comment:

jana said...

pretty lady!! love the outfit!
know what would look good with that? those shoes you love today.
just saying.

ps. totally feeling your cp pain. seriously. i might start crying.