Monday, July 11, 2011

family day...

i really need to learn how to take more pictures on the weekends...even the few i took here are missing most of the people at our family day! these were all taken at my brother and sister in law's beach property, located about twenty-five minutes south of here.  even though i could walk five minutes down the road and be at the beach, going to their property is like being a million miles away.  especially when you get to hang out with family whom we haven't seen in a while, it was a lot of fun.  

back to taking more pictures....i should really get on that...i get into the moment, forget i have a camera and then get bummed later when i see my lack of pictures.  i remembered to take these shots, but then avery had a melt down because i wouldn't let him climb the boulders, after that i put the camera down to drag him back up to the grassy area.  ps. the boulders make it look like the beach ends there, but the sand continues behind the boulders, he had them placed there to protect the beach from washed away during the freaky storms we get here.  after spending six hours in the sun, we came home sandy and exhausted, but we all can't wait to do it again!

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