Sunday, July 10, 2011

happy things...

 do you know kal
in a word, she's rad. a rad mama/designer/photographer/writer...and she's canadian
basically, she's awesome with awesome sauce on top.
sometimes, being so rad comes with a few negatives points and kal experienced that when she found one of her graphic designs being piggy backed around the internet without permission or credit.  
you can read about it here:  kal then went on to establish link with love, which is to raise awareness to those using the internet as a sharing vessel...

if you are wondering about my shirt featured above, it's from guitees.
a company who did right.  they contacted kal for permission to use her graphic on their t-shirts and when she featured them on her blog, i had to snatch one up immediately.  they were having a shipping glitch at the time, so then i received a few personal emails clearing everything right up and then more emails over the process of getting it shipped.  talk about customer service.  high five guitees. 

 living in such a rural area has made me a big online shopper....but sometimes to get what you want, you have to put up with crappy service, so it's awesome when you find companies that do you right, and bloggers who will spread that gold around creating loyal customers.  i guess the whole link with love thing is on it's way to great things.




Ashley said...

That shirt is adorable. I've seen her work on Pinterest - really beautiful.

Glad you had a good customer service experience. :)

jana said...

you look awesome!! love how you styled it with the skinnies, and your high bun! :)