Wednesday, August 24, 2011

dress swap...

dress/necklace/belt: ruche, tights: american apparel, shoes: aldo

 have i mentioned how much i love the fact that i dropped a dress size and can now fit into jana's clothes? hello double wardrobe!  i borrowed this dress off of her a few weeks ago, but only managed to get some photos in it today (slacker).  i'm happy to finally share it, and i bet jana is happy she will soon be getting her dress back!  continuing my love affair with my colored tights from american apparel, i paired this ruche dress with their forest green pretties.

i've been thinking a lot lately about getting a second tattoo, picture of my first above.  i definitely never thought i'd be a double tattoo person, but i guess it's true when they say you get addicted.  jamie and i are headed away for labor day weekend and i'm trying to arrange an appointment with an artist in the city where we are going.  i'm thinking a flock of birds on my hip.  thoughts?


jana said...

PRETTY!! (word of the day)
i do miss that dress. i loves it. and i loves it with those tights. you need to pick me up a pair in halifax. :)

and flock of birds made me think of flock of seagulls (which i will now refer to your tattoo as), made me giggle, and then say "ow ow ow" because it made my back spasm.


Ashley said...

Love the pop of green!