Tuesday, August 23, 2011

fake it til you make it

dress/cardi: ruche, tights: american apparel, shoes: threadsence

 did you know that if you blast the A/C in your office alllllll day long, you can trick yourself into thinking it's cold outside so your decision to wear tights and a cardigan to work today you won't feel so foolish when you look at the weather and see that it's 25 degrees out.

i know i should be savouring any hot or even sunny days that we have left of summer, but i really, really love to wear tights!

shoe change! (jessica simpsons)
 i love frilly details
really wish i could sport these puppies at work and not feel so guilty for spending so much money on them.


Ashley said...

I swear I wore tights every day this summer. We will be cool together! ;) Love the lace detail.

jana said...

i looooooove this outfit.
25 degrees?? it was WAY colder in belledune. i actually had to put my coat on (yup, not only did i wear tights today, but a coat as well) when i went outside to watch for the F18/snowbirds to pass over!! it was cold!! (i love it!)