Monday, August 22, 2011

 dress/belt: ruche, shoes: aldo, cardi: costa blanca, tights: american apparel
The wind was a little wild this afternoon, but it made for some good 'twirl without the twirl' pics!
We had a busy weekend around here.  We went to the big city, which is about 2.5 hours away from us on Friday.  We hit up the water park and did lots of shopping.  We stayed overnight, which was Avery's first night in a hotel and boy this his constant 'mama's echo in that hotel room'....i can almost still hear it....oh wait, that's him yelling mama in my ears yet again!!!

 me in my 'regular' clothes, comfy for traveling....trying on a cheap bathing suit before hitting up the water park!
 avery knocked out in the cart at homesense.  perfect spot for his saturday afternoon nap!
me and mr. avers at the water park (in my new cheap bikini and cover up)

hope y'all had a fantastico weekend!



1 comment:

jana said...

i love when you have shopping trips!! more for me to borrow!! :)
love that outfit btw. i may have to copy it once i steal that dress again.