Wednesday, August 10, 2011

hello rain...

 bringing back the indoor photos today since mother nature is drenching us yet again with more of the liquidy stuff.  i promise i do have new clothes, i just never seem to get a blog picture as of late.  like yesterday when i was wearing a new (to the blog) dress and i ended up going to my parents place after work and then was too lazy to take one when i got home....ya....really got to work on that!
 dress/belt/necklace: ruche
 ps. sporting tights today (because of the rain), which i managed to get a run in (of course), but no fear, jana and i went on a tights shopping spree today at american apparel....we each got, what, five pairs j? yes we are officially crazy to be spending that amount of money on tights, but have you seen their yummy colors??


jana said...

it doesnt count that i bought 5, because one of my new pairs had a run, straight out of the package... while hen ruined another pair! so technically i only bought 2... since the others were to replace some. (i like to justify things)..... hehehe

Amethyst said...

i love love the belt <3