Tuesday, August 16, 2011

snappies numero dos...

 life seems so hectic lately!! i've added a second work out to my day and jamie has been working an insane amount of hours, including all weekend so i'm basically solo parenting at the moment.  please forgive my lack of blogging while i share some of my latest iPhone snappies!  above: my little cousin isabella feeding avery his bubba last night....he's 11 months younger than her, and twice her size.
 yummy wildberry wine and a great mag!
 fresh eats.
 wedge love
 my babes!
 prettiest shoes of life.
 sp on a different day.
 running along the bay @ 6 am
 chandra and i at her wedding
 shoppin' ya'll
 totally regret not buying.
 avery in an antique car
 latest obession.
 my name's lugi!!!!!!
 lovin' this outfit, too many cat calls while wearing this at work though...prob. won't happen again
 long hair!
 vintage birdies i snapped up on the wknd
avery has this thing of snatching up something an carrying it around, either falling asleep with it or bringing it with him to daycare.  on sunday it was diaper cream for nap time! 
(please excuse his pillow case-less pillow...it was in the wash)

xo, melissa

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jana said...

cat calls?? ooohhhh ;)
i love that outfit on you.

love all the different snaps!