Tuesday, November 29, 2011

easy eye....

 hello lovers! pardon my absence...i've been a busy/tired lady! when is the last time i blogged? i have no idea, my brain is fuzzy into last week! i went on a shopping extravaganza on the weekend with my mom, sister in law, my bff's mama, and my two aunts....seriously, as the youngest of the group, i'm the most played out! i was in bed before all of them (at 1:30 am) and slept in later than them (7:30 am)...seriously, am I a loser or what? they definitely kept me on my toes over the weekend. 

i'm still tired today, even after catching eight hours of sleep last night...hence this post where i did an 'easy eye' look this morning because i just can't focus on anything else, i'm liking it though, i think it's a new fav!

very simple, easy and will match whatever i'm wearing.

cast of characters on the eye: i forgot my primer (too faced shadow insurance), so this look might not last, but lets just pretend i put some on.  i put mac's shroom in from the inner corner to about 3/4 of the way across my eye, and then put mac's satin taupe on my outer lid and into the crease to try and get a smokey eye going on....blended them together to soften and for a touch of highlight i put some mac's phloof! in the very corner of my eye....easy peasy, took me no time at all! to finish it off i took too faced sexpresso (from my natural eye palette) to line my upper and lower lid.

if you want to try this look....feel free to come over and raid my make up case





Anonymous said...

I hope you had a great weekend shopping :) and got lots of cute stuff.
I love your close-up pictures! You always look so pretty.

So what did you buy?!

melissa said...

thanks ash!


Megan said...

Cool! Thanks for sharing. I am so bad at applying makeup and feel like I never do anything fun with colors/techniques!

alicia said...

love this eyeshadow!