Wednesday, November 30, 2011

honey do....

it's 8:24 am, thursday...i sat down to write this blog post yesterday afternoon, but i couldn't think of anything to write.  every time i sit to think, all that comes across my mind is a list of things i need to do this month! with Christmas, Avery's 2nd birthday and my surgery next week, i have a million things to do! but that list is so daunting that i'm trying to sweep it under the rug and forget about it.  

i need to quit burying my head and face this list head on! mainly, i need to get all of the decorations together for avery's birthday party and start wrapping presents so that when i'm feeling better after surgery i won't have a ton of things to do in the short period of time before christmas!

eeeeek! i better get started.....

dress & shoes//asos




Anonymous said...

You always have such classy outfits. I love it. But dont think for a second I dont see that FOG behind you!
GO BACK INSIDE, GO BACK INSIDE, theres nothing good for you out there... just coldness!!!

Oh and the other thing I wanted to say, after trying to save your life :) ... was I hate jean shopping.. absolutely hate it.
My boyfriend always gets mad at me cause I complain about how much jeans are (ALWAYS) but when they go on sale, I'm too lazy to try them on. It's the worse kind of shopping I think...

...(I was just thinking if what I just said is true).... Yes, its true

jana said...

love this outfit! crazy how the dress looks black!! ps... i'ma steal these shoes k?
...also, i am SO HAPPY to see an actual outfit post.

Kate said...

I LOVE this outfit!! The colors are gorgeous, and I am in lovvve with those shoes! And yes, gotta say, definitely very excited to be moving back to Fredericton. :) I love it there!