Monday, November 07, 2011

fall haul...

as i mentioned in my previous post i went a little crazy with the make up orders lately and the goodies have started to trickle in! so far no buyers regret as these products seem pretty awesome!

above: nyx mega shine lip gloss, highly recommended by Ashley from That is All...and I must say, it really it super awesome, in love already!!! Thanks Ashley!
 awesome collection of stila lip glazes, i'm loving every color, and the product itself is great. super shiney, nice and thick feeling on my lips and not drying.  impressed!
 since my surgery i haven't been able to work out, which has totally wrecked my sleep schedule.  it's back to sleeping pills for me and that is totally reflected in my face in the morning.  This EmphasEYES™ Inner Rim Brightener from tarte is hopefully going to give me that '8 hours sleep' effect!
 jumbo and slim eye pencils from NYX (also recommended by Ashley)
 pretty shadows and a blush from NYX...
and something i really needed the most....shadow brushes!!! i've been living on the same two walmart brand brushes that have been such a pain for work with!! already loving this little set from two faced.

i picked up an organizer for my make up on the weekend, of course thinking that I would never have enough product to fill it, but now i need another one!!

obsessed much??



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