Friday, November 04, 2011

my bestie turns 30...

belated bd post about my bestie's thirtieth birthday (which we celebrated twice).
welcome to the dark side j beans...muhahahahahaa!!

for my thirtieth, jana (as awesome as she is) wanted to get me something special, which she did by getting me this beautiful tiffany bracelet that i absolutely love and cherish. it was a total surprise, and all of my birthday pics are pretty bad because my jaw in hanging open in shock for most of them.

for jana, i wanted to get her something special as well.  i couldn't just get her some regulatory old tiffany item since she already has a few tiffany pieces. i wanted to find something special and unique, just like jana herself!

one day she mentioned how she'd love to have a cameo and i knew that was it.  i had to find one for her, luckily Etsy makes things so easy these days to find great vintage pieces! after some scouring i came across this beautiful 1940's 12k gold cameo pendant and chain.  i was drawn to it right away and the girl in the cameo actually reminds me of jana.  perfect piece for her...and luckily, she loves it just as much as i had hoped!

for the eleventh time...happy birthday jana!
love ya!



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jana said...

but who's counting?? hehe
if 30's mean being as spoiled as i was, i'm digging 30.