Sunday, November 13, 2011

a new fav...

my newest fav, even though i've owned this product for about two years now? i just forgot i had it, and it looks (and works) as great as the day i bought it.  this luscious lemony butter is the thickest cream that lush makes and is an excellent cuticle cream.  my nails are super soft and smooth, i seriously can not stop touching them.  but this isn't just great for nails, it's also good for you hair (just rub a tiny bit on your ends to prevent splits) and also use it on any dry body part (elbows and toes) and for some extra sheen to your ink, rub on your tattoo(s)!!

lots of uses for this sweet, lemony cream....i'm so pumped that i took time yesterday to dig through my lush stash and unearth this treat!

what have you been loving lately?



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Catherine said...

I've been searching for nail products for solve my dry cuticle troubles... this stuff sounds amazing and I've also discovered CND solar oil which is really REALLY nourishing too.

(a secret head's up... I'm going to be giving away a bottle on my blog in a few weeks time, so check The Spring for a chance to win!)

Really happy to have stumbled across your blog via the Daybook comments... it's lovely!

Catherine @ The Spring (in Brisbane, Australia)