Tuesday, November 15, 2011

glitter & ice....MAC 2011

Holiday Collection 2011
 When did I become so obsessed with make up? Definitely in time to take advantage of the limited edition Holiday Collection from MAC.  Okay, buying two shadows isn't exactly taking advantage, but coming from someone who never really bought much make up in her life, I'm pretty excited about it.

I was a little hesistant to order the mineralize shadows because they seem to get all around iffy reviews online in regards to pigmentation, but thank goodness for you tube beauty guru's (i'll list my fav's below) I've watched some really great reviews on this collection.

Also, thanks to watching reviews and seeing swatches on you tube I got a better idea of what the colors are actually like because on the MAC website they look uber dark and not really flattering.  I purchased Winterized, which looks like a navy blue online, but is actually more of a silvery purple and is what i'm wearing as my main color on my eyes today.  I put a base of MAC paint pot in painterly, then a highlight of vanilla from Urban Decay's 15th anniversary collection palette and also from that same palette I used flow in the corners of my eyes and swept a little inwards.  On top of that and to help blend out my outer eye, I used my second mineralize shadow in Hold That Pose, which is a pale mauve but has a bit of creamy silver in it.  It looks dark in the pan, but it nice and light and sheer. 

I really like the wintery effect you get from both shadows, highly impressed!



you tube favs:


Sarah Frills4Thrills said...

Oh my goodness! Mac is my favorite makeup ever. How did I not know about the holiday collection?!

Beth said...

MAC paint pot is the best, I used Clinique for a while and it does not even compare. I am just starting to get into Eye makeup as well, I got Urban Decay stuff (Strip colour, a slatey blue-grey) for the first time a few weeks ago at Sephora and love it - had never even heard of it before I told the sales girl what colour I was looking for and it was bang-on!

jana said...

love that snowflake garland. i want to make snowflakes and hang them everywhere!!! if only we were still office mates :(
(i miss being your office mate)