Wednesday, December 14, 2011

all buttered up...

 revlon lip butters (creme brulee, cherry tart, strawberry shortcake)
 finally! i got my hands on some of the much anticipated revlon lip butters!! it's seriously a huge bummer when things are released in the US (and raved about online), but then are not due to be released in canada until a month or more later....TORTURE!

i think these aren't due to hit canadian stores until January, or at least they haven't hit any of my local stores, but thanks to i was able to snag up three of them (for now).  i'm in love, i have never been a lipstick wearer (slowly getting into that), so to have something that feels like a gloss yet looks like a stick well, i'm in LOVE. and i can see quite a few of these hitting up my make up bag in the future.

wearing: creme brulee



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jana said...

aren't they fabulous?? love how soft they are!! :)