Wednesday, December 14, 2011

surgery #2...

 hi all!
i'm BACK! if you remember from this post, i had my second reconstructive surgery last wednesday.  i went into the hospital with a mix of emotions.  excitement because my journey would be coming to an end and hesitant because my first surgery was just seven weeks earlier and i was still a bit traumatized over it all.  at one point, while i was waiting for the anesthesiologist, i thought about running out of the hospital.  i had a little panic attack, but i stuck it out, i knew i was doing the right thing.
 recovery has been interesting this time around, i was a lot more stomach sick, even three days post op so i had to stop my pain meds to help out my stomach.  i rather pain, then feeling sick...once that went away i felt almost human.  just a stiff one with a mild case of t-rex arms and frankenboob.
i got my stitches removed yesterday and don't see my doctor for another three weeks so i guess it's just me and the twins, gotta take care of them to make sure everything goes well.

through all the pain this entire process has definitely been worth it.  if obviously isn't for everyone, but it was the right decision for me...i regained what i once lost and so far, it's awesome.




jana said...

getting back something you lost is an amazing feeling, and i'm happy you have that :)

loves you!

jana said...

ps buy that dress you heart today so i can borrow it.