Saturday, December 10, 2011

the post of christmases past...

 hey all!  i'm jana, from randomness at it's finest!  i'm doing a little guest post while our lovely melissa is a little under the weather.

cliff-notes version of our friendship to get to our post:
we met in grade 7, when melissa's class graduated from their elementary school and moved to my junior high school.  we hit it off right away! well, after a while... in the spring actually.  because for some reason, when we met, and our two groups of friends merged as one, we each thought the other was a complete snob, and didn't talk to each other. go figure. 

lo and behold, some 18 years later, we're still BFF's.

enter our topic: christmas.

since the dawn of time, or junior high, we started the tradition of our gift exchange on christmas eve.  melissa comes to my family home every christmas eve and we open our prezzies together, before she heads to mass with her family, and all of my mom's family comes over.

enter 2007:

 here we are, showing off our new purses.
(mandatory photo in front of the tree) 


 melissa buys me awesome vintage teacups, and an amy butler apron.
then proceeds to call me 'sally homemaker'.
i think she planned these gifts purposely so she could tease me!

2009... oh wait, we skipped photos that year, as melissa was 3 days post-natal from having cutie pie Avery (my amazing godson).

we tend to purchase each other similar items/themes every year... 

and our classiest to date: my tacky christmas party in 2008.
we be stylin.

stay tuned to melissa's blog for our 2011 christmas eve exchange!!



melissa said...

that last pic made me laugh in pain

love you!!
and thanks!!!!!

jana said...

we need another tacky christmas party. or christmas party in general.

it was my pleasure. hope you're feeling better. see you tomorrow.