Wednesday, January 02, 2013

lets roll with it....

I can't quite remember what my New Years resolutions were last year, but I'm pretty sure they were all personal related and somehow reflected on my marriage and my role as a wife.  But not too early into the 2012 New Year my husband and I separated so any resolutions I made last year flew out the window as I have much more pressing things to do as a newly single mama.  Including moving my son and I in with my parents for the first half of the year, plus lots of rebuilding and reflection.  Which continues today, so this year I haven't made any resolutions at all.  This year, we're just going to roll with it.  Of course there are a few smaller tweaks as always, getting back into running, eating healthier...but we're just going to take things day by day and try not to stress about the big or small things, because after this last year we can clearly get through pretty much anything.

hope 2012 was good to you all, and 2013 is even better!




lauren said...

rolling with it over here, too! a great way to live! :)
cheers to 2013! may it bring you tons of love and laughter! *

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