Thursday, April 04, 2013

my favorite pants are no pants...

 Truly. My favorite pants are no pants! Unless it's yoga pants after work, I seriously hate to wear pants now.  I've been a dress or a skirt person for the last two years or so, but now more than ever I loathe to put on a pair of pants or jeans.  They never fit right, too tight, too baggy, the dreaded showing of the underwear...ugh! Issues I don't have with skirts or dresses.  I'm thankful for tights for keeping my Canadian legs warm in fall/summer/spring!
 I'm also trying to add more skirts to my wardrobe, loving this navy one that I got a few weeks ago.  I'd definitely like to snag more of these.
 top/skirt: forever 21; shoes: ruche; necklace: aldo
And thankful for new rubber boots just in time for Spring!!


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