Wednesday, October 16, 2013

We bought a zoo....errr, I mean a house...

we bought a house.
today was the closing date and it's official: I am a home owner once again. 
except this time I am on my own, and it's completely scary.

avery and I love this home.  I mean, we LOVE it. it's a cute '60's bungalow where my retro furniture feels at home. we feel at home.  from the original honey floors to the claw foot tub we feel at home.

the best thing about this purchase is that we actually moved into this house fifteen months ago as renters.  now I don't have to pack or move a box, but I do get to paint and make it more of a home for us.

it was anticlimactic today to 'close' on a home that we were already living in. it doesn't quite feel real.  we didn't celebrate, we didn't have a party, not even a cupcake. but while I was doing the dishes this evening we had an impromptu chase around the kitchen island and my heart leapt for joy. together we are home. and it's awesome.

I can not wait to build this more into our home.  
future plans include a fenced in backyard next spring, as well as a new side entrance.
down the line we hope to reno the bathroom in the basement and add a fireplace down there as well. 

for now we are awaiting a new back door and are slowly picking out paint colors for each room.

a lot of fun, love and laughter awaits us here.
in our home.




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Deron Tucker said...

Your house is really nice! Congratulations on finally being able to call it yours! It may be anticlimactic like you said; however, purchasing the house now gives you more stability and independence. Indeed, it can be scary now that you’re on your own, but I trust you’ll overcome that fear eventually.

Deron Tucker