Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I love to cook, and I defnitely do not get to cook as much as I would like to.  Most of my meals are quick dinners because I find it so rushed after work as we only get home at 5 pm and Avery goes to bed at 7 pm. Rush Rush!!  I also don't really follow recipes.  I find inspiration or think of things that I would like to put together and basically just make it up as I go along and do everything to taste. 

Above is chicken skillet supper.  Whole Grain Rice, diced chicken breast, corn niblets, salsa, a variety of veggies, topped with cheese and finished off in a skillet in the oven.
 Maple Glazed Salmon with whole grain rice and asparagus.  The glaze is soy sauce, minced garlic and maple syrup.
 Jalapeno burger in a lettuce wrap.  Added jalapenos (de-seeded) to ground beef along with onion powder and garlic salt. SO SPICY! I want to try a turkey burger version of this.
 Sweet Chili Shrimp and veggies over rice noodles.  I sauteed up a variety of veggies and shrimp and then added steamed broccoli.  Cooked rice noodles according to package instructions and then added to skillet to warm up.  Add to bowl and tops with sweet chili sauce.
 My made up version of fish tacos.  Baked sole with a sprinkle of salmon seasoning in a whole grain tortilla, broccoli slaw, a squeeze of lime juice and a small dash of sriracha sauce.  Side garden salad with homemade dressing (fig & date balsamic vinegar, minced garlic, olive oil and lime juice).

Those are a few yummies that I have been enjoying lately!

happy hump day!



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