Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Newest Challenge...

My resolution in 2013 was to lose the fifteen pounds that I gained in 2012.  So, yea, I suck at resolutions and that didn't happen.

I didn't reach my goal of losing fifteen pounds.  I did well for awhile and dropped ten pounds.  Over the summer I was carefree lazy and gained back about five pounds.  I'm awesome at gaining and losing five pounds over and over again.  Anyone else see a pattern here?

From October to December I completed Shaun T's Insanity program. Which was exactly as described.  INSANE. I loved it, I hated it.  I laughed, I celebrated and I cried before, during and after most workouts.  It was HARD.  I still can't believe that I actually completed it.  And not to be totally unmotivating, but I feel scarred for life now.  Hahaha...If someone mentions a PLYO movement I flinch!! Okay, maybe not that bad.  I did purchase the second part to Insanity (The Asylum) but I am not quite ready to take that plunge just yet.  While I didn't lose many pounds on the program, I did shred a lot of inches! I saw lot of changes in my body that I haven't seen with any other fitness or workout activity that I tackled before.

Yesterday, I started Beach Body's newest program P90X3, and I'm pretty excited to take this 90-Day Challenge.  I'm already loving the variety of workouts.  Within the 90-Days you get a huge variety of resistance workouts, power workouts, cardio workouts and core/flexibility and balance workouts.  All within a 30-35 minute workout.  It so much more doable and a hell of a lot less daunting than waking up at 4:30-5 am to face INSANE cardio.  I am really looking forward to the next 88-days and seeing my physique improve!

I love how Beach Body gives you an absolute money back guarantee, but if you stick with the program you are absolutely going to see results! All it takes is you: If you can make that committment you can do anything.  I'm not just saying that to motivate you, but also to motivate myself.  When I slack off, I regress and backtrack.  Moving forward is the only way to go!

Thanks for helping me be accountable!!
(a few progress pics)

PS: if you would like to me to help you work towards your lifestyle or fitness goals, check out my website at team beach body!


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